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Know the exact location of your allocated van

Real-time tracking means you can always see where the driver is on the map. This visibility helps make for smoother planning and peace of mind. No more nervous phone calls to and fro.

Move at a Negotiated Price

only with

If our quote is not within your budget, tell us what you can afford and leave it with us, 1 of our dedicated drivers may be going in your direction and may be able to move it at your price.

VANMOVE - for individuals and businesses

Moving over 1.3m cubic feet of transportable goods in London weekly

VANMOVE is an on-demand mobility company and the leader in van transportation services


Behind the wheel

They're people like you, going your way

What makes the VANMOVE experience truly great are the men/women behind the wheel, they are regular everyday people who own a van or have access to one, They drive a van on their own schedule in their city doing regular jobs, they are able to pick up extra load that is going in the same direction as them, which saves the client a lot of money, puts extra cash in the drivers pocket and at the same time reduces the amount of CO2 emission released into the ozone layer, Which is why hundreds of drivers are signing up daily in London alone.

VANMOVE - the best partner for Drivers

Better Pay
0% Commission
We charge 0% commission to our drivers for all on demand cash jobs, for the 1st 3 months of service.
Keep 100% of your tips
All tips go directly to the driver, even if the client has paid via card or PayPal
Best Driver Award
The top performing driver each month gets a bonus
Welcome Bonus
No commission charge for the 1st 3 months of service for on demand jobs.

Drive when you want

Earn what you need

Driving with VANMOVE is flexible and rewarding, helping drivers meet their career and financial goals.

Perhaps you only need an extra pair of hands?

No problem! Your next pair of hands are a tap away

We’re #1 in London for locally based extra hands, muscles or porters, All on standby and ready to assist whatever your requirements.

  • Moving Bulky items at home or work
  • Offloading / loading a container
  • Offloading / loading a vehicle
  • Deliveries / Collections
  • Packing / unpacking
  • Event assistance

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